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Things in Every Home that have Pawn Value – Part 5 – Computers

By: BillD

Things in Every Home that have Pawn Value - Part 5 - Computers

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great Christmas! If you are anything like some of us here you got some great stuff for christmas now you have to gear up and get ready for 2014 and that means clearing out some of the items you don’t use anymore and with one of big items some people get for Christmas being laptops and computers we thought it would be a great time to talk about when is the best time to trade your old rig in for some cash!

Whether it is a laptop or a full stack PC or Mac, Parlour Pawn will make you an offer on your computer as long as you have the specs.

The computer industry advances very quickly, so even a system purchased 2 or 3 years ago could be considered dated by today’s standards. We keep a current list of qualifications needed to make you an offer. Computers with Windows Vista or newer, that have their COA are required. You don’t need to worry about bringing the mouse, keyboard or the power cords. We can do the test here with our own equipment. Additionally, if you have a flat screen monitor, we can also pawn or make you an offer on that. Always remember that just as we recommend with cell phones, if you are pawning your system, please back up your information. Before bringing in the item.

What makes many pawn shops unique is the special combination of the rare or obscure gems and friendly, knowledgeable staff. There’s always a chance of finding that one hockey card, painting, rare movie, vintage guitar or amp, or even the perfect ring for a special occasion. Shops like Parlour Pawn have the luxury of coming across these items on a somewhat regular basis. It’s a great opportunity.

Our experience also provides us with the judgement to assist you in determining the value of your product or whether or not we can help you sell it. If you have something you think is valuable, even if it isn’t in any of the categories we’ve outlined in this series, the value might still be there for us to be interested in making an offer. Give us a shout sometime with your interesting items and let’s see what we can do for you!

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Got a question about pawning your Computers, Laptops or Tablets? Hit us up in the comments below or head on over to our social media profiles to ask it there.

photo credit: Ciccio Pizzettaro via photopin cc

  • Nadine

    What about if there is no hard drive disk in laptops , i have 2 older toshiba i would like to bring in would you guys take them anyways or no?.. they work just need to put the hardware and software in …