The Lay-a-way plan

Found the gem you’ve been looking for all your life and now isn’t a great time to purchase it.   Parlour Pawn has the best Lay-A-Way policy in the industry.  All you have to do is pay 10% of the after-tax price as your down payment, then pay a minimum of 10% of the balance once a month for 4 months! After that, you just have to pay the remaining balance and pick up your item!  Easy, convenient and now within your budget.

We do have one exception, and that’s on Jewelry Lay-A-Ways. Being more expensive and holding their value faster than most items, you can do these lay-a-ways for 10 months. 

Here is an example of how we would process it for you !

Suppose you want to Lay-A-Way an item that sells for $99.95 (before taxes)

Sale Price of Item $99.95
+Tax $12.99
=Total Price $112.94

10% Down Payment : We divide $112.94 by 10 which is $11.29, so Your  minimum Down payment  is $11.29.

Then to calculate your minimum monthly payment we subtract your Down Payment ($11.29) from the total price ($112.94) which would give a balance in this case of $101.65.  Then we divide your balance by 10 to arrive at your minimum monthly payment of $10.17.

So your minimum monthly payment would be only $10.17 ! 

This fantastic thing is that instead of on the spot, you have 4 months to pay for your items!  Of course you can make larger monthly payments and take your prize home sooner, or make it cheaper to pick it up at the end.

Just to make it even easier,  we will accept trades for your down payment or any number of monthly payments!

Click here for our Trade In policy.