Borrow $20 to $2,000 in just minutes with absolutely no credit check

Parlour Pawn is a retail store that is licensed to give you small, fast, loans using your merchandise as collateral. We offer you a quick, convenient, and confidential way to borrow money. We do not do a credit check. Your merchandise alone determines the amount we will loan you. We loan you a percentage of the value we believe your merchandise would bring if sold. (about 40 to 60 percent of the resale value).

Loans are based on the value of your merchandise, not your credit rating. Our average loan is around $80.00 — but we will loan from twenty dollars to two thousand dollars or more depending on the value of your merchandise. Our small asset loans have a term length of 56 days plus a 30-day + one month grace period (no interest is charged during the grace period). Small asset loans offer great flexibility. A loan can be from one week to eight weeks. If you cannot pay back your loan in full, we also offer renewals to give you extra time.

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We give you cash and 56 days (+30 days grace) to pay back your loan and reclaim your item.

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