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Assassin’s Creed Unity Review

By: Jamie Corbett



Assassin’s Creed Unity is something of the black sheep of the Assassin’s Creed family. When it came out it was met with less than stellar reviews, and had a whole host of bugs, many of them game-breaking. The release was so bad that Ubisoft released the game’s major DLC Dead Kings – you know the kind of DLC that normally retails for twenty bucks or so, for free as an apology to their customers and fans.


All of this would lead one to believe that Assassin’s Creed Unity is a game to avoid, but the truth is that now in 2016, the bugs have been fixed, the gameplay was tweaked, and really the game isn’t that bad at all. In fact it’s pretty fun.

Now there are some things that we should get out of the way up front. Have you played another Assassin’s Creed game before? If the answer is yes then the next question is did you enjoy playing it? If your answer is yes, than you should give Unity a try, if the answer is no than this isn’t going to be the game that brings you around to the franchise. Whereas Unity’s predecessor railed against the Assassin / Templar war and the accompanying mythology by casting you in the role of a would-be pirate who really wanted nothing more than to be a Pirate, Unity casts you as protagonist Arno Dorian; a young man who is the son of an Assassin who was murdered when he was a boy and then raised by the Grand Master of the Templar order who was murdered when he was a man so he joins the Assassin order to track down the Templar killers who murdered both his Dads. He’s also in love with his adoptive sister.


If that description made your head spin, then maybe you need a different AC game, but if not, then you’re all set. Assassin Creed games are like Marvel Comics movies, they’re a lot of fun, but they are also a lot of the same formulae. And it’s a formula that AC Unity embraces. This game will have you climbing the roofs of Paris, battling against Templar agents during the French Revolution! Secret societies, murder mysteries, harrowing sword fights, romance and betrayal abound!


Working to the game’s favour is the romance between Hero Assassin Arno, and Templar (and Arno’s childhood friend) Elise. Weird adoptive sister thing aside, this is one of the better video game romances put forward in a while and it becomes a pillar that holds the story aloft.


One final note, if you do pick up a copy of Assassin’s Creed Unity, try switching the language track to French. Ubisoft made the weird decision to have all their English actors play their roles in british accents, and switching it over the the French soundtrack just makes it feel more like you’re running through the streets of Paris than a random city.


In the end, Assassin’s Creed Untiy is a solid addition to the franchise that will sadly be tainted by the woes of its release. But if you haven’t tried the game and are a fan of the series, I highly recommend giving it a try.


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