Gardeners of the Galaxy Charity Campaign



Parlour Pawn is pleased to officially announce our Gardeners of the Galaxy campaign in support of Food Depot Alimentaire’s Garden Citites Project!

383015_237149059757671_1986955187_nThe Garden Cities Project is an initiative being run by Food Depot Alimentaire to build a Community Food Garden on site at their new central location in Moncton at the Peter McKee Community Food Center. We think that this is a great idea and an amazing program, and we want to do everything we can to help!

So we’ve put our money, our time, and our efforts where our mouths are, and have pledged to build twenty garden beds for the Project. A promise we’ve already well on our way to finishing.

But this our City, and we don’t think that’s enough, so we’re asking for our community to help us do more.

We’re asking everyone to become #FoodHeroes and help us raise another $2000 (or more!)with Gardeners of the Galaxy,  which we will use to build even more Raised Bed gardens, we’re hoping to make another twenty. Even better, while doing so you’ll get some great comics and the chance to win awesome prizes!

We have dropped the price on all of our comic books to just 25¢ and the price of our comic digests to just 50¢. And every penny earned from sales of those comics goes to Garden Cities. There’s no tax, no hidden costs, nothing. You pay a quarter for your comic book and that quarter goes to the Garden.

On top of that, any time you buy some comics from us, even if its just one 25¢, you get your name in a weekly draw from prizes from our store. Any time you spend $2.00 or more, you get your name into our Grand Prize draw for this statue!


So please, don’t just be The #FoodHero this city deserves, but also the #FoodHero it needs! and support Garderners of the Galaxy with Parlour Pawn.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates on Gardeners of the Galaxy,

and be sure to check out The Garden Cities Project page for regular updates from them as well!