Movie Mania Specials!

Running from Friday the 8th of January until Friday the 15th, we’ll be having two specials running for the movie or TV lover in all of us.

Bluray bundle


First off you can get three blu-ray movies for just $10.00! And that goes for all our movies! We have all sorts of great movies for everyone, from families to the Suspense lover, the Romantic Comic or the good ol’ fashion action lover!

Box Set Bundle


And for someone who wants a bit more commitment from their viewing, we have all of our Box Sets on Sale for 4 for $20.00. That means its just $5.00 for a whole season of television greatness!

And even better, after next week, we won’t be getting rid of these Specials! Instead they’ll be shifting to part of our weekly offers, with Blu-Rays being discounted on our 3 for $10 Fridays, and Box sets discounted on our 4 for $20 Sundays!

DVD set bundle

But that isn’t all we have for you! Because we’re already going to kick off our Weekly offers with our 10 for $10 Tuesdays! We already offer our DVDs at great prices, selling for just $2.00 each, or 10 for $15, but every Tuesday we’re going going to make that deal even better. 10 for $10 Tuesdays should speak for itself, and really ten movies for a buck each. That’s pretty awesome.