We Support – The Karing Kitchen of Moncton

We don’t have a long article for you today, but all the same we’d like to highlight another charity here in Moncton. one that doesn’t have a lot of information out there, but we think that’s just because they’re too busy caring to their community to care about if people can google them.

The Karing Kitchen is a Moncton based Soup Kitchen located on Alma Street. The Kitchen openend their doors 27 years ago, and have been dishing up meals ever since. Today the Karing Kitchen serves roughly five hundred meals a day. That means if the Moncton Colliseum was filled to capacity, The Karing Kitchen would have given a meal to IMG_2076 (1)everyone of those people in two weeks.

The Karing Kitchen of Moncton literally puts food on the table of those who are without, and that’s an act we can do nothing but praise and support. If you’re interested in helping The Kitchen out, please give them a call at (506) 854-3837