We aren’t saying we’re amazing… But our customers are!


We don’t like to brag, we know our store and our staff are pretty awesome. But there’s nothing wrong with letting our customers do it for us from time to time. :p

“you have absolutely no competition. Nobody even comes close to your customer service, pretty knowledgeable staff and doesn’t feel like you’re walking into a pawnshop more like a store.” – Jeffrey

“Best service, staff that know about the stuff they buy and sell, you don’t buy junk, and you give a better price than the competition.
Those other guys have a lot of work to do. As far as I remember, The Parlor was never one to have that stereotypical shady image that most other pawn shops have. You guys stand behind what you sell. So many other shops it’s sold as is and if any problems surface after you get home too bad for you.
And it’s been that way since the days at the old K-mart plaza. – Tyler

“Great service. Friendly, helpful courteous staff. Clean and tidy store. Products are all tested before being pawned or sold. I can’t say enough praise for you guys! It’s nice to walk into a pawn shop and be treated with respect, instead of being treated like You OWE them respect because you need to use their services. Great job to all the staff! Being a regular customer since moving to NB, You guys are awesome, thank you.” – Pat

Only pawn shop to go to! I strayed once and I was burned. I know when I buy something here it is going to be worth every nickel I pay for it! I have never been disappointed here! I used to go to a pawn shop in Fredericton South that has the same ethics as you and when I moved to the Moncton area I was glad to find another store that was honest with great cx service and stands behind their product! I will never stray from you guys again!” – Carrie

“Your shop always looks great, awesome selection of stuff and, most importantly, I’ve never once gone into your shop without being treated like an old friend. Even if I’ve tried to sell something and been declined it’s done in a super classy manner.” – Anthony