Shane O’s family needs your help.

Shane Help



Most of our customers at The Parlour Pawn, let alone many  people in Greater Moncton, are familiar with the amazing    guy that is Shane O. He’s the head of our video games  department and the host of 91.9 The Bend’s Weekend Show,  Shane is also pretty much one of the nicest and most caring  individuals you could ever have the privilege of meeting.

Sadly, this past monday Shane and his family were dealt a  harsh blow when the farm of Shane’s step-father, Kevin  Crosby, caught fire. The family – who make their living as  horse breeders – have lost their barn, a number of their  horses, and equipment vital to their business and livelihood.

An online support campaign for the family has already  started and can be found Support for Crosby Stables.

If you are able to, we would like to ask that you consider helping Shane and his family, e-transfer donations can currently be made to “” until the official trust has been finalized by the bank involved. 100% of all donations will reach Crosby Stables.

We love Shane, he’s a part of our family and makes our store a better place, and we hope everyone can help in whatever way they are able to.

Thank you.