Singing for Someone Else’s Supper – Vicki Anne Mallais wins Karaoke Idol B Group

Karaoke final 1

The Parlour Pawn is thrilled to congratulate Vicki Anne Mallais, The recent winner in the b group of Moncton’s Karaoke Idol. The Parlour Pawn was proud to be a Main Sponsor for this year’s competition, and our own Bill Daigle and Ron Whittaker were two of the judges for the competition.

For her First Place victory, Vicki won a $600 prize, half of which is donated to the local charity of her choice. For her charity, Vicki chose Moncton’s House of Nazareth.

Founded by Sister Rita Barrieau in 1979, the House of Nazareth helps vulnerable people and families to become independent and active members of society, and provides services such as offering emergency shelter and a safe environment to those in need, and to facilitate integration in the community for vulnerable people.

Today. Bill and Vicki presented House of Nazareth Director Deo Cumo with their cheque for $300, and we here at the Parlour Pawn could not have been happier to be a part of it.

For more information on The House of Nazareth and how you help, please visit their website at 

And be sure to keep an eye on Moncton’s Karaoke Idol for their upcoming competitions and events, here is Vicki performing Heart’s Alone.