Holidays have you needing CASH? We’ve got it!

We’re hungry for stock after the Christmas season, and we just reminded everyone that for your items WE PAY CASH.

  • Got an older video game console you don’t use since you got a new one for Christmas? CASH.
  • Don’t wear that old jewelry anymore? Or is it broken? CASH.
  • Got a new instrument to jam on? How about getting rid of that old one? CASH.
  • Upgraded your cell phone, tablet, or computer and don’t need the old one? CASH!!!

We’re paying cash for every one of our departments to fill our store back up. Cash for games, cash for gold, cash for guitars, and cash for everything else we buy. Come in and get your CASH TODAY!

2014-12-31 14.50.35

PS. Notice all the cash in their hands, we only trusted Randy with 5 bucks and the till was still short $10.