The Saboteur (PS3/XBox 360)

Hello fellow gamers! This is The Games Grunt from Parlour Pawns games department. Anyone who’s been in to visit us here at Parlour Pawn has heard our guys talk about games. Our staff have a varied selection of games we enjoy and my own happens to be those under appreciated titles. With that being said I have one here that caught my attention and i’d like to think will catch yours as well!

Today’s selection is The Saboteur from Pandemic and EA Games. This Awesome little title didn’t garner much attention upon release, yet has become a source for hours of fun.

You star as  a street-tough Irish race car driver trapped behind enemy lines in 1940s Nazi-occupied France. Our hero has been dragged into the war and now he fights, climbs, and races through open-world Paris, sneaking into the heart of the Nazi operations and sabotaging their every move. With the help of the French Resistance, the British intelligence, an arsenal of weaponry, street smarts and brawn, the hero exact revenge on those who aim to destroy his life. From derailing trains and blowing up zeppelins to scaling famous Parisian landmarks and more, this action hero uses a broad range of weapons, explosives and vehicles to get the job done. As he takes down enemies, the citizens of Paris are empowered to resist the tyrannical Third Reich and their eyes open to the colorful world around them. This innovative mechanic, called the ‘Will to Fight,’ change the way Paris is seen and felt – from a dark and oppressed policed state to a bright and inspired world where the citizens fight back. This was my favorite part of The Saboteur it really encourages the player to push their limit to help free France from tyranny.

The game does have some flaws. There are some mild control issues. Sharp turns and hard breaking make it a bit of a pain when moving at high speeds. The difficulty spikes quickly and sometimes the voice acting is off.

That being said this game is FUN and you are encouraged to go around and mess with the Nazis ( who doesn’t like doing that?) the story has that grainy film noire esque touch to it that makes you think of “Schindler’s list meets “Sin City” and with some great missions and music it’s a great little gem to add to your collection.

This game has been on my list for sometime, any experienced sandbox player will thoroughly enjoy it. Had I paid full price I may have been disappointed but here at Parlour Pawn it’s $7.95 so within the first hour you’ve made it worth your while!

Here’s a trailer! Watch it! It’ll be like history class!