Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning (XBOX360/PS3)

Hello again faithful readers! Games Grunt again from the games department with another gem from a recent era. Today’s selection is Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning. This is a sword and sorcery game along the lines of Microsoft “Fable” series. It has some of the features that the first Fable had that made it so memorable, an almost open concept game where you can choose your weapons, armor, spells and path. This game is brought to you by some of the great minds of not one, but THREE genres. R.A Salvatore a prolific fantasy writer who’s best kown for his work with Forgotten Realms ( and creator of Drizzt Do’Urden) Todd McFarlane ( of “Spawn” fame) and Ken Rolston ( of the world famous “Elder Scrolls” series)

This game ( produced by EA by the way) is a colourful world where the eternal battle between good and evil plays out. Once again you start as your named hero in a world where you pick your own adventure. It sports a huge world with vast expanses to explore, a gargantuan amounts of different weapons and spells to use on the various enemies throughout the land. There are hundreds of little quests and side missions to keep you busy for ages. You can see the different talents that each of the names creators have brought to the table. An Epic story that would rival any D&D game, beautiful art work that could make even Stan Lee blush and finally this huge world that Ken Rolston created for us to have the adventure in.

This is by far the closest to perfect as any action RPG can get. Some players may feel overwhelmed at the sheer volume of quests. You may find yourself trying to pick and choose what quests to play.

The engineers didn’t skimp out on tech as the game runs smoother that most RPG. With some minor technical issues that can be overlooked in favor of good game play this should have been a shoe in for game of the year contender in 2012

It’s a fantastic game that will captivate you for hours upon hours in the meantime check out the trailer!