MLB The Show

Games Grunt here from the games department and today I feel like swinging for the fences!  With the start of baseball season just passed us I figured we would celebrate the boys of summer with a baseball review! So what that being said today i present to you  MLB the Show!  Much of what made EA games such a powerhouse over the years were their yearly installments of sports games. However their loss of the MLB franchise in it forced Baseball over to the XBOX 360 thus creating a void for the frustrated Playstation gamers but in 2006 SEC created MLB the Show. Since it’s inception it has been released annually since then to the current platform of the PS4. The franchise is known for it’s devotion to realism and playable. The dedication to the look, feel and visuals has made this surpass the competitions attempts easily.

The music the feel and visuals are what you  you’d expect from a baseball game, the roar of the crowd, the crack of the bat and the thump of gloves. As years go on the realism factor goes up to a point when I could almost smell the fresh cut grass and hot dogs.  The rosters update frequently to follow the ever changing landscape of baseball and with the season mode and the home-run derby to keep you interested until the bottom of the 9th!

Here’s the first and most recent trailers so you can see how far we’ve actually come!