Wolfenstein (XBOX 360/PS3)

Hello fellow lovers of gaming! The Games Grunt here and I have today’s game gem that you may have missed!

Today’s selection is a remake of a famous series, remakes are all the rage now but this one is something special as well as near and dear to my heart. The gaming world has much to that this series for. Without it we wouldn’t have gotten Doom, Duke Nukem 3d and of course the golden child of the first person world the Call of Duty Franchise. I’m of course talking about Wolfenstein.

Growing up some of our older reader remember getting  “shareware” diskettes this was one of them. Wolfenstein gave us the now familiar “first person” perspective that has been emulated since it’s inception. With it’s amazing sound, game play and story it’s hardly a wonder that so many companies decided to copy it.

Wolfenstein follows the ongoing adventures of B.J Blazkowicz the ultimate allied agent who strikes fear into the heart of Nazi’s everywhere. With  a plethora of weapons and powers B.J tears through the heart of a Nazi occupied area to try and find the secret to their “Black Sun” project

Wolfenstein retains the famous first person view along with a new open world concept that lets the player feel immersed in the world that ID and Raven made for you. With various super powers ranging from boosting your running, jumping and shooting to slowing time down so you can kill your enemies, who by the way are just a varied and jaw dropping as the weapons you use to do it. As always you start with a knife and a pistol and from there you graduate up to machine guns plasma weapons and of course the fan favorites. The chain gun and rocket launcher.

The core of the game ( killing Nazi’s) remains as fun as it’s been for the last 20 years of gaming.

The downsides are that it’s a bit short. It just seems that the developers just didn’t have faith in what they had made. The open world game play that you have at the start falls off and the game reverts to a linear format. While the story is immerse i just wanted it to be longer…

Maybe that’s the sign of a good game, much like a good book or movie. You just don’t want it to end.

Here’s the trailer!