Community Alert

Parlour Pawn is extremely proud to be a long time member of the National Pawnbroker’s Association. As well as all it’s benefits, it requires of us to uphold a very high level of standards. An NPA member is challenged to “lead it’s field”. It is a part of our organisation’s code of conduct. As a result, we are who we are, A clean friendly store, full of honest and helpful people. We work with the local police to minimize victim loss via theft. They consider us part of their team. In the past, we have been instrumental in helping victims recover their stolen property. When responding to break and enters, police regularly instruct victims to contact us to keep an eye out for their product. We are both happy and proud to consider ourselves as part of the “neighborhood watch”.

One misconception  is that most stolen product find their way to pawnshops. This is wrong! the NPA has proven through studies that less than one tenth of 1% of the items reported stolen will end up in any pawn shop. We are a licensed industry that take identification from our sellers for every pawn or purchase we do.

Although we are not required to do so, we report to the police lists of our transactions daily, and maintain video. All these steps are designed to deter thieves from dealing with us, and we believe it does. For more information on the National Pawnbroker’s Association, and their codes, check out their site: Places to look for your stolen goods: eBay, Kijiji, Flea Markets, Second Hand Stores and Travelling Gold Buyers.   In our upcoming article, we will give you some simple hints and tips on preventing you from becoming a  victim of theft. Watch for it!