Things in Every Home that have Pawn Value – Part 4 – Video Games


Over the last couple of decades, the video game industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar operation. No other sector in the world has experienced the same explosive growth as the computer and video game industry, and pawn shops everywhere have benefited from the sale and resale of video games.

No longer are video games just a joystick and a couple of buttons we remember from the classic Atari and Coleco systems. Today’s Xbox Ones, PS4s and Nintendo Switch systems include everything from arcade style games to motion capturing and first person experiences. Parlour Pawn has been around to see it all evolve. We’ve grown up with these entertainment systems just like you. We buy nearly all of them!

What About the Games

It doesn’t stop at consoles either. Parlour Pawn has at some point seen just about every gaming title out there. Our gaming department staff know the products on the shelf and they know their games because they are avid gamers themselves. All our gaming staff are lovers of all console gaming. Their gaming nature keeps them on their toes looking out for big titles and rare finds to provide to our customers. When you spend as much time at Parlour Pawn as our gaming staff, you get to know the games that people really want. Rare games like Earthbound, .Hack, and Conkers Bad Fur Day have graced us with their presence on occasion and when a customer eyes those games in our showcases they become very thankful that they shop regularly at Parlour Pawn.

Lastly if you’ve got one of our Video Game Departments most wanted games you can even make a few bucks more off those vs most games!

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