The Gift of Music: Christmas at Parlour Pawn

Parlour Pawn has played a significant role in Christmas gift giving for over 30 years. Many a young musician has unwrapped an instrument bought from Parlour Pawn. For that matter, so have many an older musician, as well as collectors.

But, the most commonly heard comment is how many people got their first instruments through Parlour Pawn. With prices that start below $20.00 for amps and guitars that begin at less than $40.00, no wonder people think every day is Christmas at Parlour Pawn.

We have lots of people at all different skill ranges and even reasons for buying equipment so I took the boys around the shop and we quickly came up with some examples of the kits we can put together for 3 different budgets this holiday season.

Beginners Budget

When we go about putting together a set for a beginner we always know there are several things to keep in mind. 1 being price and 2 being something that sounds nice and is easy to play. You never want to give a beginner a guitar that is such a pain to play that they never pick it up again and then lose the joy of being able to play the instrument.

We start with:


Great condition used Strat Copy for $49.95

  • Easy to play

  • Great set of pickups

  • One of the most recognizable body shapes ever without the price.

Vox DA10 Amplifier for $69.95

  • Don’t be put off by its size it has plenty of power.

  • very portable so you can practice anywhere.

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Beginners Budget - Used Strat Copy and a Vox DA10 Amp


Up and Comer Rig

So you’ve got a musician in your life? Well sometimes they can be the hardest ones to pick out for, believe me I’m on of them, but luckily with decades of experience as a working musician and having spent years helping people upgrade their rigs we’ve got something for all of them!


Example 1:

Used Fender Mexican Stratocaster at $299.95

  • Sought after shape

  • Mexican made but full strat quality

Used Traynor YCU 40 Amplifier for $149.95

  • Great mid level amp

  • price of guitar and amp together less then most new guitars.

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Up and comer budget: Used Fender Mexi Strat and Traynor YCU 40 Amp


Example 2:


Used Line 6 Spider III 7S for $149.95

Used Jackson Dominion Amp for 149.95

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Up and Comer: Used Line 6 Spider II 7s and Jackson Dominion Amp


Collectors Delight.

For the collector out there we see some pretty neat instruments come through our doors. here is just a sample of what your favorite collector might be looking for.



Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Mystic Dream for $1199.95

  • Maple neck

  • 5-bolt mounting to the basswood body

  • Sculpted neck joint

  • Rosewood fretboard

  • 24 wide, high-profile frets

  • Schaller locking tuners

  • Custom John Petrucci tremolo

  • 2 Custom DiMarzio humbucking pickups

  • Crazy cool paint job

  • Great comfortable feel

1983 Fender Concert Amp

  • Last of the hand made amps from Fender

  • Designed by Paul Rivera

  • Point to point hand wired

  • Built in Overdrive

  • Sought after because of its big clean sound

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Collectors Electric: Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Mystic Dream and 1983 Fender Concert Amp




2009 Taylor 310-CE for $1099.95

  • “Dreadnought” Shape

  • Forward shifted bracing with relief rout

  • Made with sapele wood on back and sides with Sitka Spruce as the top wood

  • Neck and Heel are Tropical Mahogany

  • Ebony Fretboard

  • Has the venetian cutaway

  • Uses the Taylor expression system electronics

RMS AC 40 for $199.95

  • Power: 40 Watts RMS

  • Speaker: 10″ (Woofer) 2″ (Tweeter)

  • 2 Channels With Separate Volume Controls

  • Channel One: 3 Pin Mic Input, 1/4″ Line Input, CD input, Volume Control

  • Channel Two: 1/4″ Jack, Active/Passive Selector, Volume,3 Band EQ

  • Reverb On/Off and reverb control

  • Chorus On/Off and chorus control

  • Effects loop (Send/Return)

  • Line Out

  • Power Switch

  • Weight: 20lbs.

Harley Davidson Guitar Strap $15.00

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Collectors Acoustic: 2009 Taylor 310-CE and RMS AC 40 Amp


Think there should be something else on my list? let me know in the comments below or head on over to Facebook or Twitter and let me know!

As always these are just a sampling of what we have in the store so come in and let me and my team help you find the setup you want at the budget you have this Christmas and of course

Merry Christmas!

~Travis Furlong