Things in Every Home that have Pawn Value – Part 3 – Musical Instruments


After gold and electronics, our next most popular product has helped mankind develop a love and passion that has never left our minds or hearts. That passion is music, and the best way to let that inner fire out is through an instrument.

Parlour Pawn has a long history of buying and pawning musical instruments. Our staff has years of experience with musical instrument appraisals and we have seen our fair share of high end instruments. Some of the classics recalled by our staff include:

  • early ‘70’s Bigsby equipped Gibson SG
  • ‘64 Precision (pre CBS), ’66 Epiphone Texan acoustic
  • ’56 Oahu Lapsteel
  •  2002 Swamp Ash Les Paul

That comprehensive list doesn’t even include the numerous vintage Gretschs and Guilds we’ve seen. You could certainly do some face-melting with some the gear that has come through these doors.

Note on Condition and Testing

Just as it is with electronics, remember that the condition of your instrument is extremely important. We test everything that comes in and our history has enabled us keep a step up in being able to let you keep doing the thing you love.

Reunited and it Feels so Good

Our years of experience has come in handy too in assisting not only us and our customers, but even the RCMP. When lost or stolen guitars have been reported to us, our keen eyes are sometimes lucky enough to pick those items out! If the item has been reported to the police, we contact them as soon as we can. We’ve had a long history of helping people get their equipment back, and often it is with the assistance of the police. Try to remember to record or photograph your gear and serial numbers. Sometimes those little details can make all the difference, and most of all, don’t lose hope. Report your stolen instruments!

Got a question about pawning your musical instruments? Hit us up in the comments below or head on over to our social media profiles to ask it there.