Al Bordage: Classic Guitar Collector


[note: We have so many great guitar collectors who come through our doors we thought it would be nice to showcase them from time to time and get a peek at their collections. Luckily our department head Travis Furlong knows a lot of folks so he got us started with…]

Al Bordage is a respected lead guitar player in the Moncton area and all around genuine guitar aficionado.  His love for classic rock has kept him jamming well into his forties with his current band Under the Hood and former groups Kat-A-Tak, Nasty Habits and a duo called Those Two Guys.

When he’s not finding extra time to practice and perform, Al continues adding to his empty nest collection of guitars and amps from Fender, Gibson, Yamaha, Marshall, Squire, Peavey, Dan Electro, and Agile along with his collection of vintage effects pedals.

Putting the Pedal to the Metal

Al is also a boutique pedal builder (Allaur Electronics) that reads schematics like a maestro reads music. He enjoys the rush of completing products and the enjoyment people get from them. The hunt for “Tone X” with new instruments, pick up arrangements, woods of guitars is a huge passion for Al. Amps are also part of the equation with tubes and speakers being variables, and different combinations of an ever-growing array of pedals.

“I love to bring out one of the many lucky finds from Parlour Pawn to a gig and wow the other gearheads in the crowd”

Like any true “gearhead” he loves to talk music with fellow enthusiasts. “I love to bring out one of the many lucky finds from Parlour Pawn to a gig and wow the other gearheads in the crowd” he says. “Parlour Pawn is a great place to visit as you never know what you will find, or who you will meet. I found some great items at great prices. I’ve had some great conversations and learning experiences with other gearheads. It’s also a great place to upgrade by trading old instruments for better. The staff is very friendly. They are fair with trade-ins and information.”


Out of all the pieces that Al has purchased at Parlour Pawn, his favorites include a Dan Electro pro, a Vintage Gen Crybaby, and his Squire Telly with P’90’s. As a seasoned veteran in the music scene, he recognizes that some guitars need to be played to have that comfortable broken in feel. At Parlour Pawn he knows he’ll find just that. Speakers and tubes in amps that are already ‘played-in’ and have their sweet spot.

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