Cool Props: Gears of Wars 3’s Lancer Gun

Last time I got out my wicked portal gun from the Portal Series for our little show and tell. While the portal gun might be great for science it’s time for a prop that’s a little more… pointed?

Here is a 1:1 scale prop of Gears of War 3’s Retro Lancer.

Made by NECA and originally an exclusive to Gamestop in the US This thing is massive! I’m talking 46 inches long, 12 inches wide massive, weighing in at close to 5 pounds, the Retro Lancer has a heft to it. Combined with it’s length and weight you feel like a bada$$ holding it. Trust me, it’s a total geek-out moment when you get thing in your hands. There is at least 1 copy known to man, and would you look at that … its mine!

Ok so maybe you can find a few of these babies online on ebay but they certainly have gotten pricey but in the end when you get one of these in your hands pull the trigger and hear that sound effect come out you will have a hard time wiping the smile off your face!

Gears of War fact

Dubbed the Retro Lancer during the Lambent Invasion, the Pendulum wars Lancer Assault Rifle was the preceding model to the Lancer Assault Rifle.


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So we may not sell these everyday at the Parlour (especially this one from my personal collection) but we almost always have a few copies of the Gears of War series here at the shop so come on down and pick up a copy and in the mean time check out this video tutorial below from youtube on how this bad boy behaves in game! So catch me back here soon for my next prop and if you have any recommendations just let me know on the gaming twitter feed @parlourpawngame.

Youtube: Gears of War 3 Lessons – Episode #18 – How to Use the Retro Lancer