Things in Every Home that have Pawn Value – Part 2 – Electronics

Electronics are a huge category which covers many different products. Unlike gold, which we buy in any condition, electronics are all about the current condition, the market demand for the item,  and ensuring all the right pieces are present. Some of the more popular electronics we buy include:

Cell Phones

Cell phone and electronic ‘smart’ device popularity is booming. We pawn nearly all models of cell phones that are 3 years or newer. There are a few exceptions to the rule however, and those tend to be lower-end cell phones or phones with a poor history (like Blackberry for example). In order to pawn, your phone must have a SIM card slot. Before pawning or buying, we remove any SIM cards. It is also always in your best legal interest to make sure any information or pictures are backed up or removed before selling or pawning. Removing your memory card is also recommended before pawning or selling. Accidents may be rare, but they could happen, thus a degree of caution is recommended.

Flat Screen Televisions

TVs have always been a popular item to pawn or sell. Parlour Pawn has a long history of giving the most we can for your LCD or LED TVs. Please ensure that you have the original manufacturer remote and that the TV is in good working condition. Scratches, cracks, missing remote covers, or even missing bolts for your stand can affect our offer or even make your item ineligible to sell or pawn. FYI, when transporting your large flat screen television, try to do so with the device standing up. The panels inside the TV are not indestructible, and if the TV is leaning or something falls on it, it could crack a panel.

Home Stereo Equipment

This category includes home speakers, receivers, amplifiers, subwoofers and surround sound sets. Bluray and DVD players are also included. For these items, quality matters sometimes as much as condition. Brands like PSB, Mirage, Paradigm, Rotel, NAD, and Denon can get good money. We don’t always make offers on lower end electronics especially if we have ample stock, or if the brand has a bad history. Also, try to avoid ‘white van specials’. This is a product that appears to be of good value with labels across the box indicating that the item is worth thousands when they are actually not worth anything. Check out this Wikipedia article for full details.

The items that you see here are for the most part, the most popular electronics that we deal with. We also offer cash for MP3 players,  tablets, karaoke players, Walkie Talkies, and projectors (only if the bulb life is below 15%-20% used). If there’s anything else in your home that you don’t see on this list that you’d like to offer, then by all means, give us a call and let’s talk.

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