Tips on Playing your Amplifier – Trusting your Tone

[part 3 of 3]

Over the last few weeks we’ve been learning how to get the most out of our guitar/amp combo and how to turn them into one single piece of your favourite equipment. In Part 1 we looked at Getting a Clean Sound. Then in Part 2 We looked at using overdrive and amp placement. In the final Part 3 of the series we’ll put everything together with a handy little checklist to help you remember.

Getting it All Together

For most people, the more simple you keep the your setup the easier it will be to get the kind of tone you want out of your amp. This quick 8 step checklist of the rules of tone can be used to help you pump out the perfect sound:

8 Simple rules to great tone

  1. It’s in the hands! Remember that your tone is with you from the start

  2. Find a magical combination of the right guitar with the right amp. Our knowledgeable at Parlour Pawn can help you identify some great combos

  3. Always purchase quality patch and lead cords. Cracked cords create horrible tones

  4. Adapters can sound different than batteries. Adapters give you more control over voltage

  5. Always buy good batteries and adapters

  6. Always buy quality strings

  7. Crappy pedals destroy tone

  8. Everything between the guitar pick and your amp forms the tone you hear

The more there is to adjust, the more there is that can go wrong. Remember the KISS rule and keep it simple.

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Got a question about getting that tone you are looking for? As always, questions can be sent to me at, on twitter @parlourpawn or on Facebook and of course if you need help finding a perfect amp guitar combo come on in to Parlour Pawn and we’ll get you hooked up.