Sleepers the Games you missed: Alan Wake

Alan Wake is an intense psychological thriller from Finland developer Remedy Entertainment, the studio responsible for the first two Max Payne games.

Gathering an impressive 83/100 on metacritic in 2010 and taking an absurdly long 5 years to develop, I would have to say that if Stephen King wrote a Twin Peaks episode then Alan Wake was born. You play as a best selling suspense novelist trapped in a town called Bright Falls where he came to escape the trauma of losing his fiancée. Now Alan must piece together a mystery to prevent himself from being trapped in this nightmarish world forever! Dun dun dun …

As Good as it Gets in the Genre?

To be honest, I haven’t played a game that made me feel this intense since I played the original Silent Hill games back in 1999. With a gripping story, chaotic game play and brilliant graphics, it is a game that stands out among the best games on the console. The presentation creates a genuine survival/horror ambiance that is hard to shake (without the need for excessive gore) and is a welcomed new IP several years into the life-cycle of the 360.

So grab a copy from Parlour Pawn, turn the lights out, get your flashlights ready, and enjoy.

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  • Tweaks make for more challenging gameplay.
  • Still lots of fun today.
  • Engaging, mysterious storyline.
  • Dark and mysterious atmosphere and environments.
  • Tense and well-designed combat.

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  • Xbox 360 Exclusive, Sorry Sony fans
  • Takes only about four to five hours to finish.
  • Does not advance the main story.
  • Somewhat awkward character modelling and lip sync.


Randy’s Score



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