Things in every home that have pawn value (part 1) – Gold

Pawn shops buy, sell and trade a wide variety of goods. That variety coupled with second hand prices are why people regularly visit pawn shops. People in need of a small loan also frequent pawn shops. By pledging goods of value as collateral, people in need can secure a loan in order to fulfill their financial obligations. In our current economic climate, pawns shops have become a go-to destination for treasure seekers, deal hunters and those seeking a small loan.

Beginning today and throughout the rest of this series, we’d like to cover a few of the more popular items Parlour Pawn deals with which have a good second hand market value.

1. Gold

Our first (and by far the most popular) item sold or pawned regularly is gold. That includes any and all gold, as long as it’s not plated or fake. Even here in Moncton, New Brunswick there are fakes. A good rule of thumb for determining phony gold really is the old cliche – if the deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Just because something has a gold karat stamp, that does not necessarily mean it is legitimate. If you’re curious then we encourage you to bring the item in for a look over. Our very experienced staff can at least help you identify if the product is authentic or not.

Gold has historically been a valued commodity and in our present day, that has not changed much. Our prices are based on current industry valuation.

One of the things we pride ourselves on when it comes to gold is that we always test every piece of gold that comes through the door. Putting your gold through the gamut of examinations, magnetic and rub tests are our way of ensuring that the piece is genuine and that we can offer you the best value for that gold. Another key resource at Parlour Pawn is Amelie, the head of our jewellery department. Her training from GIA (Gemologist Institute of American), experience and knowledge make sure that we can examine everything from the condition of the piece to the markings on the gold to tell us if what you have is real or not.

Be sure to come back next week as we continue going through everyday items that have pawn value and if you have any question as to the value of what you’ve got laying around bring it in to Parlour Pawn and find out. You never know the hidden gems you might have laying around!