Cool Props: Portal Gun Replica

“Welcome, gentlemen, to Aperture Science. Astronauts, war heroes, and/or Olympians–you’re here because we want the best, and you are it. So: Who is ready to make some science?”

[editors note:] Better yet how would like to own Chell’s very own weapon of choice? Well unfortunately they are pretty pricey these days but luckily Parlour Pawn’s resident gaming guru Randy Goldrup has a giant collection of props he’s going to start showing here on the site, and today that includes a life-size 1:1 scale replica of the gun used in both Portal games by Valve.

Take it away Randy:

This is a very limited edition replica with only 5,000 copies made world wide. The replica features blue and orange LEDs and firing sounds controled by a 3-way switch with extendable and posable claws. I’m telling you you’re just an orange jumpsuit and an extra X chromosome away from escaping GLaDOS yourself.

So the question is, can you use it? The answer is absolutely. Picture yourself in an extreme marathon gaming situation. You’re about to be lowered into a test chamber when suddenly the half case of Red Bull you’ve been slugging back since noon is about to hatch its own escape plan. Boom! You fire a blue portal dead ahead and an orange portal over the latrine and if you’ve ever seen how this gun works, then you know that what you’ve got here is problem solved.


If you don’t care if it’s one of the limited edition guns you can still get the regular edition on the Think Geek site, but come back next time for another of my featured props and replicas and drop on by Parlour Pawn for a copy of Portal or Portal 2 for PS3 or Xbox 360 and remember to Always test for Science!

~ Randy

Youtube Video of Gun in Action

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