Featured Item: 10K Five-Pear Shape Amethyst Pendant

For our featured jewellery item this month, our department head Kim has found a lovely little amethyst pendant that is sure to top off any outfit that requires a little extra sparkle with a dash of color.

About the Amethyst Pendant

With 5 pear-shaped light colored amethyst stones and 2 mini diamonds set in a very nicely finished 10K gold, you can tell that this piece has been well looked after. It is the perfect piece to set off the winter coloring of the wearer and by genuinely creating an elegant focal point on your neck.

At about ¾ “ wide and 1 ¼” in length, it’s not too big and at $124.95 it’s at a very affordable price. It would even make a great gift when paired with one of our gold chains.

More than just a Stone for Those Born in February

To most people the amethyst is traditional birthstone for February, but a light colored amethyst is a great accent to go with darker clothing to create a little extra pop in an outfit. It’s also been said that amethyst would prevent intoxication in the greeks and even keep medieval European soldiers cool-headed in battle. Now, this may not entitle you to drink all the eggnog and confront your boss with the 365 ways you’ve been wronged this year at the Christmas office party, but at least you’ll look good while having a great time.

Remember, we Take Trades

At $124.95 we know this fabulous Amethyst Pendant won’t last long, so drop us a line or visit us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll answer any questions we can. Remember, we also accept trades on most of our goods so if you have some of your own jewellery that you may like to trade, by all means bring it in and our knowledgeable staff will be sure to take a look!