A Very Special Welcome from Musician Travis Furlong

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my very first instalment of the Parlour Pawn Music Blog!
As the head of the music department here at Parlour Pawn I wanted get started by providing a little background info about myself.

First of all, me and Parlour Pawn… we go back. WAY BACK.

I must admit I have a very different outside view from most employees that have been here over the years. At the ripe young age of 43 I am able to boast about actually getting my start in music while being a Parlour Pawn customer for 27 years. I first began collecting music gear, L.P.’s and cassettes at the age of 16. Whether I was wandering into the old K-Mart Plaza location, the Riverview mall outlet, or the current Parlour Pawn location on Mountain Rd. I always knew that there would be an abundance of great finds each time I dropped by.

Pawn Shops and Power Chords

As a traveling working musician I’ve certainly seen my fair share of pawn shops. Although there’s no official tally, I would estimate having visited hundreds of different pawn & second hand shops in many different countries over the 12 or so years I’ve spent as a touring musician with various groups such as Glamour Puss and lately Travis Furlong and the Revelators. Whenever I would come off the road I can remember heading straight to Parlour Pawn to see what was new. There was always a far more polished and friendly retail atmosphere compared to any other store of its kind and it’s also nice to know that it’s sitting right it your own backyard.

What to Expect

As we progress with this blog, we’re hoping to provide you with some fun and informative articles. Whether you’re a veteran musician, rookie player, or a serious collector, we’re planning some great content that I believe you’ll really enjoy. We’ll be featuring interviews with some of the more accomplished Moncton area musicians as well as some up and comers. We’ll also have gear features, tips and lots of other treats from time to time. So, welcome, stay tuned and if you have any questions or suggestions just drop them in the comments section below.



Travis this past Spring on Jeff’s Musical Car

Travis with  the Revelators in Shediac – get a load of the signatures on Travis’ guitar