Sleepers, The games you missed: Brutal Legend

Brutal Legend - A Parlour Pawn Sleeper Game

Every once in awhile there’s a game that people either overlook or never give it the accolades it deserved. If you’re a metal music fan, you own a Xbox 360 or PS3 and you missed the gem that is 2009’s Brutal Legend then I advise you to drop what you’re doing right now and get over here cause after this the copies we have won’t last for long!

Rocking out to Brutal Legend

Staring Jack Black and Jennifer Hale (of Mass Effect Fame) Brutal Legend is a 3rd person action slash strategy game that is the kind of love letter to metal music you can only dream about complete with with an Ozzy Osbourne cameo. Black voices character Eddie Riggs, a roadie who is sucked into a mystical world of Rock and Roll to defend the land against hordes of headbangers … this sounds ridiculous I know. But trust me, there is just something awesome about having all of your childhood idols (if you remember hair metal and you should as this game is rated M 17+) all in one beautifully designed video game! So pick this gem up at Parlour Pawn on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 for only $7.95! Your world of metal awaits!

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  • Amazing and well Rounded Soundtrack
  • Great Voice Cast
  • Jokes are well done
  • Great Open World
  • Solid Multiplayer

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  • Not as long as we would like as it runs about 8 – 10 hours
  • Some of the mission types can be repetitive


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