Monctonians beware! We at Parlour Pawn have been speaking to  several people visiting our store again this week,  who had just been victims of a local scam. It always plays out the same way. You are approached in a parking lot from a man (who always has a wife and child with him), who claims he has lost his wallet while on holiday, and is trying to get his family back home. He offer to sell you his expensive jewellery for gas money. The jewellery will have 18K or 14K stamps on them. He will tell you they are worth thousands. DON’T! THESE ARE FAKE. This scam is currently being reported North America wide, probably tied to organized crime. People locally have been sifted out of between $80 and $400 for plated, worthless rings and chains.

If you get approached, try to get a license plate number, and report it to Codiac RCMP at 857-2400.

Please folks, buy your gold from a reputable store