Fake Gold Alert!

It has come to our attention over the last few days that there are some unscrupulous people peddling fake gold rings and chains around the Moncton area. These people are usually parked at local gas stations, claiming to need gas to return home. Sadly, these people are preying on the kindness of Monctonians. These items are fakes.
In the past 3 days, we’ve had 3 of the exact same rings with 18kt and 750 markings come in from different customers who were victims of these scammers. All the gold was bogus. We also had 2 identical chains, stamped 14kt that were  plated.
This is just a friendly reminder from Parlour Pawn folks, that as much as you want to help someone out, if the deal sounds  too good to be true, it usually is! Don’t fall prey to these thieves. If you have questions or doubts about any gold you are buying privately please feel free to call our jewellery department. We are more than happy to provide information and advice.